Monday, July 13, 2015

AAM Monday: Project Life Weeks 25 & 26

Just noticing as I added this page that I never noted that it was week 25. Maybe I'll go back and add that information and maybe I won't. It depends on my balance between "perfection" LOL and "just leave it the hell alone".  I suspect my house critic will notice what's missing if I don't add it.

Lots of fun doing this one and hoping to have a chance to catch up with my former co-worker. SOON.

The weeks are getting slower with fewer things to do which is just how I like it when it's summer. Even though I'm no longer in school and am retired, I still feel that summer should be a time of slowness which surely fits with our mid-Atlantic weather. No summer manifestos for me!

The brunch layout finishes this set of Project Life weeks. Part of me is really tempted to bring them out and the other part says wait and get a book. That's a long wait in my mind. How about you?

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