Friday, July 31, 2015

5 on Friday: July 31, 2015

1. I love Pinterest and the way you can find some of the most amazing things. I saw this drink this week,  Sekanjibin, one of those now popular drinks that are based on sweetened vinegar. Trust me, they are really refreshing.

Even better, I found a local blogger who writes about Persian food! too often when I find something about the food of Iran, it's written by someone in CA. That's a wonderful reference for a trip but not so good for me when I want local authentic ingredients Today!  Check out this article on Persian Groceries. The image is a bazaar in Iran, sadly not here in Maryland.

2.   I'm still watching a bunch of pretty good carpool on tv. Far from brain food, it's the equivalent of an hour or two of a beach read, but on tv.  "Halt and Catch Fire", "Humans", "Under the Dome." Season 3 of the latter is not as good as the first two seasons which I enjoyed on Amazon Prime which has NO commercials!! Season 3 is pushing it with a little more of the extra terrestrial thread. Not my cuppa tea.

3. There are some very good tips about using PSE brushes to 'wash out the gray' and a lot more in this video  from Digital Scrapper.

4. The cool weather, well not really cool but what I call San Diego weather, left us this week. The heat and humidity came back and there was a lot more use of air-conditioning. Plus, I left washed clothes in the washer overnight and had...that horrible stinky smell of sour clothes. Nothing to do for that but dry and rewash. The only time I've done that this summer!

5. I could be doing this but once I get on the floor, it just seems great just to take a nap. (I don't but...) But at least I know what I could do for those abs.

Have a great weekend with at least one fun thing! See you on Monday.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

TBT: 1950s Two Girls in the Summer

Me and MaryEllen. Here we are with one of the real Photo Booth images. Black and white in a metal frame. I don't know the year or the location but I suspect we are about 10 as I (the one on the right) have my hair cut from the long length it was forever.  God only knows how those bangs are that smooth since with any humidity my hair curls. Those bangs were popular in the mid50s and called Mamie Eisenhower bangs. Mamie was the wife of President Eisenhower, aka Gen. Ike Eisenhower of WWII fame. I gave those bangs up after about one summer.

MaryEllen and I were best friends through grade school and high school but pretty much lost contact with each other. At various times over the years, mostly when I was back in the US on home leave trips, we'd try and get together. Sadly, it seemed most of what we had in common was the past. But in those years of childhood she was my bestie!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Budapest, We Leave the Boat

Day 2 in Budapest started early with our suitcases outside out door at 07:45. Naturally, we ate breakfast and then said Goodbye to the Vantage boat.  These days in Budapest were an optional addition to the trip so 'our group' was much smaller now.

Off the boat and up the ramp to a waiting bus which would take us on to a full morning's worth of sightseeing.

The morning drive through the city had me looking at the buildings and trying to remember how the city looked when we visited in 2008. Some looked the same, just cleaner, while others looked more recent.

No time for the Central Market but then again we had no cooking ability either. But I remembered how much good was available on our last visit.

We were told that some beautiful buildings were being converted into high priced apartments. Some were sold and others were still for sale. Not all the full shutters were open this morning.

The late autumn morning was still overcast but sun was promised.

Our first stop of the day was to be the Hungarian State Opera House.  We had been to the Opera here before but naturally the man of the house wanted to know it all!

Next will be the inside and more!

Monday, July 27, 2015

AAM Monday Project Life Weeks 27 and 28

I hope to keep going with this and maybe even do a bit more 'pure' PL in the weeks of August. Then with my vacation out west, I'll feel a bit more freedom to do those weeks in a different way. I like that about trips...they are different so they can get scrapped in a more artistic way if I want. Or not... no rules!

Not a whole lot going on during the week of July 4th. Going out to watch fireworks is no longer a thing we like doing very much. Heat, humidity, bugs, crowds. Yep, we're old!

Then came a quiet birthday week for #1 granddaughter. It was also a week of drenching rains, deluges! and yes, affagato is misspelled. It WILL be corrected! At least I saw it before himself tells me once it's printed.

Friday, July 24, 2015

5 on Friday: July 24, 2015

Boy  we've had some hot days! There were several days I didn't even leave the house. Walking out to get the newspaper in the morning was enough of a taste of the heat and humidity for me. So what went on? Not much.

1. I like chocolate; I like coconut; and I've learned to like iced coffee way too much.  This drink, found on Pinterest, is on my to do list.

Chocolate Coconut Coffee Seltzer

2. I had my first peaches! they were from South Carolina and 99¢ a pound! It took another day or so after buying to get them fully ripe but they were good!

3. On one of the sweltering mornings, I finally got my summer plants all planted and my planting table cleaned off. It was only bothering me and telling someone (telling a husband) where and how to plant would have been more of an effort. That's just how it goes... Let me tell you, it feels good to have it all done and see it done. Worth the sweat.

4. With the air conditioning running all day downstairs, I actually did a slight bit of cooking - even using the oven once. I made a banana bread that turned out to be a not so good banana cake. It did use up those bananas that were quickly going south.

5. Finally got my iPhone6 filled with my music and backed up to my computer. Now if I could only get rid of all those Backup to the Cloud messages. No, I don't want to buy Cloud storage tyvm,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

TBT 1964 Biloxi Mississippi

This was my first real venture South unless you count the vacation my family took when I was 10. At that time we drove from Maryland to Florida. This was not even 100 years after the Civil War and my father pointed out many of the burnt plantation chimneys - Sherman Monuments he said. It's hard to realize now that he would have had older relatives that may have fought in that was just as he had fought in WWII. The American South had not started much of its recovery in the mid 1950s and I felt like I was seeing a place that I didn't understand.

But this trip to Biloxi was ten years after that 1954 trip. I had just turned 20 and the Civil Rights movement was gaining strength. Martin Luther King had made his "I have a dream..." the previous year and while desegregation had come to Washington DC, the city still had de facto segregation. My friends and I, tired of college, had thought grand thoughts of 'doing something' to ensure voting rights.  But in reality, it didn't touch us.

My boyfriend had flunked out of college and (in the early days of the Vietnam war) enlisted in the Air Force. I wanted to see him and so I took a train south to Keesler AFB, accompanied by my future mother-in-law. It just would not have done to go off by myself!  We took the train at my future father-in-law's insistence with his belief that airplanes weren't safe.

There I stand, dressed like a proper young lady, clothes well coordinated with purse and heels matching. Ah to be that size again...5'7 and barely a size 8.  But I also remember it was my first experience with separate water fountains...white and colored. I remember the bus we took for a day trip into New Orleans and one of the other young men from the base having to go into 'his' (the colored) waiting room. I remember learning to look for the signs showing me which 'whatever' was for me because I was white. Much of what I saw shocked me as it was so blatant and so accepted. I remember realizing that I wasn't as brave about 'doing something' as I thought I was when I was back home. In time I also learned that we had just as much inequality where I lived up North. It might be more subtle but it was real.  Sadly, today it's still real - 50 years later.

Footonote: There was an earlier post about this trip and that long train ride. In that I say 1963, which I suspect is correct. Or maybe 1964 is. I'm not even sure my xh would know.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Hello Budapest!

Our cruise actually was ending in Budapest but we took the extra day package as we had enjoyed our time in the city a lot back in 2008 and were interested in seeing the changes. Our morning was spent cruising the Danube with overcast weather. Pure November.

From breakfast on, there was commentary from our guides in the lounge. It was a slow and dreamy morning and in some ways it felt like going back in time. Vienna is pure 21st century but Hungary?? It still struggles. Blocks of flats along the river looked as if they harkened back to the Soviet era but we couldn't be sure. I wondered if waterfront was now commanding high prices as it does in so many places.

Towns were starting to appear and this was the sign that Budapest would soon be visible. Yes, there was the majestic Hungarian Parliament building as noon approached.

A still day for classic reflection images. Below is Buda, the oldest and original part of the city with its steep hills, Castle and Cathedral.

And on the opposite bank of the Danube, is the more modern Pest.

While docked, we had our lunch on board. I was really in the mood for something simple AND french fries.

After lunch, we went  for a tour of the city (I didn't take any photos of some reason.) and got back in time for dinner.  Yes, cruises mean food! 

Dried beef with a lentil salad. Yummy!

A light beef soup with 'Kraughterschoberl".  Surprisingly,  for once, we both had the same entree - river trout.

Our final dinner desserts aboard ms DiscoveryII were ice cream with pumpkin brittle for me and "Dobos Torta" for him.

 AND a birthday cake for one of our friends! as well as farewell to a chef who really catered to our every wish. A sweet ending to be sure. However there was still a bit of work to do...

We had to pack most of our things to be ready to put our suitcases out for the 8am transfer to our Budapest hotel. Finally,it was time to say goodnight to a sparkling Budapest.

Monday, July 20, 2015

AAM Monday Westward Bound

Not now but just me on a trip I've wanted to do since before my knee was replaced. Yay! It's in the works! The layout was for a challenge which was a nice thing to do, inside, in the air conditioning yesterday when it was so hot and humid that we never ventured outside. We're neither mad dogs nor Englishmen!

Yes, I do know I'm going where it is SERIOUSLY hot but it's dry. I can mostly take that as long as I remember not to touch metal and be sure to get myself a windshield guard. Plus...drink lots and lots of water.

Friday, July 17, 2015

5 on Friday: July 17, 2015

Another week of a whole lotta ...not much.  Not a lotta cooking, not a lotta eating, not a lotta doing. That's just how some of my summer rolls and that's just fine.


I heard..."Even a blind chicken gets a grain of corn, eventually." The recipient of this comment, pas moi, was not overjoyed but took it with a smile. Strange things people say...

I drank...about a half gallon of homemade sun tea every day. No sugar, just stevia. Iced.

I watched...a couple of episodes of "Under The Dome" season 1 on Amazon Prime. Might as well use that Prime service for some more things. I don't use the Kindle bit because if I have to read anything other than a paper book it would be on my iPad Kindle app which naturally is not supported by Amazon.

I read..."Red Bones" another mystery set in the Shetland Isles.  I've read the earlier two books and tend to be surprised by the endings. That's good! And yes, yes, it makes me want to visit.

I switched...from my Fitbit to my iPhone6 for tracking walking. I do like that it records stairs.  I'm not sure I like being tethered to my phone this way but it's probably a good idea for those of us whose hair is gray.  pfffft.

That's it for me. Hope you have a great weekend and do something fun!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

TBT: Another Wedding, 1934

My in-laws, Dorothy and Vince, had another poignant story with their wedding. My father-in-law was a Catholic from a NY Irish American family. He had come 'south' to Maryland to live with his older brother who had married and also married into a family business. Vince went into the same business, awnings and storm windows,  and lived in SE Washington DC. Just how he met Georgetown Dorothy is a whole other story but let's just say you should never ask a girlfriend to take care of your 'beau' while you go away! Dorothy came from a VA family that moved to DC after the family's fortunes turned post Civil War. She was raised a Southern Baptist and that difference in religion was a very big deal back then.

The Catholic priest agreed to marry them but not IN the church. They had to be married in the church rectory and it was as close to a civil ceremony as the Catholic Church could make it. Of course, for Vince to have considered being married in the Baptist Church was unthinkable. His mother Martha would have rolled over in her grave - had she been dead - but instead came down from Brooklyn to attend the wedding. Other than their two witnesses, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom were the only other attendants. I loved my mother-in-law and to the very end she never 'converted' but she would get an exasperated look when ever she talked of the rectory wedding. There are many ways to make someone feel 2nd class, and that rectory wedding tried to make it's mark on her. Fortunately, it failed!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Mac Tip: Up and Down

I 'know' as in know on line a few people who are switching from PCs to Mac, and I know there is always a learning curve. This is one I had forgotten about myself. How to go up and down in a document. Not that I have too many documents in my life these days but...

That little key at the bottom left of Mac keyboards is the Function key - Fn.  Add Arrow Up or Arrow Down to the Fn an you can jump back and forth on your page, web pages included.

More information can be found at the source HERE.

Monday, July 13, 2015

AAM Monday: Project Life Weeks 25 & 26

Just noticing as I added this page that I never noted that it was week 25. Maybe I'll go back and add that information and maybe I won't. It depends on my balance between "perfection" LOL and "just leave it the hell alone".  I suspect my house critic will notice what's missing if I don't add it.

Lots of fun doing this one and hoping to have a chance to catch up with my former co-worker. SOON.

The weeks are getting slower with fewer things to do which is just how I like it when it's summer. Even though I'm no longer in school and am retired, I still feel that summer should be a time of slowness which surely fits with our mid-Atlantic weather. No summer manifestos for me!

The brunch layout finishes this set of Project Life weeks. Part of me is really tempted to bring them out and the other part says wait and get a book. That's a long wait in my mind. How about you?

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