Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Vienna, A Full Day's Worth Part 2

After our lunch back on the ship, we did not nap! Oh no, it was back into the city for 2+ hours of free time. I'm a good wanderer though Dick likes a set schedule so we managed both. I meandered about while he had his tour of the Opera House. Fortunately, it was right near the Albertina, our drop off point and he bought his ticket and I was then on my own.

I saw many things but didn't buy anything. Even back in 2012, I knew I didn't need more. But looking is always fun!

Oh Sigh...I'm missing my love, Eric Clapton! I would have never thought to look for a concert.

Pretty and Pricey but then again, this IS Vienna.

If this is the color of the season, I'll pass. I'm sure winter wear is a big deal with the Austrian climate.

I have a grandson named Jake so this department caught my eye! Not quite his style but eye-catching.

I've always loved the winter displays I see in Europe. Then I come home and forget to make or buy any such things.

When I met him it was time for a snack. But of course. Sadly not one of the lovely cafes but rather a simple and quick snack. Well simple for me but a bit more filling for him. But of course.

I need to make sure I am included in our photos while he contemplates our next move. More for you next week!

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