Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Vienna, A Full Day's Worth Part 1

November 15th, 2012 started with a lecture on Musical Vienna after breakfast. Then some of our group went off to Schonbrunn Palace. We had been their on our 2008 trip so we went back into the city with another group for a guided visit of the Art Historical Museum. It was a brisk, sunny day and the museum was typically gorgeous and typically Baroque.  Outside they were setting up the stands for the Christmas market which we would miss.

Despite good walking shoes my knee was telling me to slow down. While Dick continued on the full tour, and full it was, I repaired to the Cafe for a lovely cup of coffee. Elegance indeed! Any other time I might have had a pastry also but considering the amount of food we had on the ship, I knew I didn't need to gild the lily.  

Isn't that balanced teaspoon on the water chaser just perfect?  Yes, coffee does coat the tongue and teeth more than tea does. Vienna is nothing if not elegant.

I had enjoyed seeing my favorite Vermeers before my coffee break and when Dick met me, our group went back to the boat for lunch. It was always hard to do justice to the wonderful lunches because the afternoon was free time back in the city.  Rather than an afternoon nap, we preferred to go to bed early.

We considered this for a grandson but knew there was no room in our suitcases for a gift this size. Sometimes the thought cannot lead to action despite good intentions.

So back to the boat we went for our mid day meal. It was a good and enjoyable morning.

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Photocat said...

We went to Schonbrunn also. I have a firm interest in Emperess Sissi... We watched the movies over and over again as teens... Swooning over KarlHeinz Bohm as Frans Joseph and Romy Schneider as the perfect movie Sissi...

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