Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tip for Tuesday: Look-Alike Digital Orange Peel Cardstock

This tip comes from a former poster on the Designer Digitals forum. Many former paper scrappers were missing their Orange Peel card stock.  Since I was never a paper scrapper, I wasn't but did like that texture even though some called it cellulite!

Anx was a gem of a woman who  knew most things about Adobe CS & Mac. Whenever I was stumped, I knew she'd have the answer. Sadly, for me, her growing children  and her job needed more time and she's no longer a 'go-to' genius for me. I hope she's flourishing in the far reaches of Scandinavia. You are missed!

Her tip was how to create 'digital' look-alike Bazzill Orange Peel Cardstock.

Make a new 12x12 layer with the color of your choice.
Create a new adjustment layer.
Choose Pattern, Artist Surface, then stone
Adjust to about 500%
Choose the Multiply blend mode (or one that works better with your color_
Adjust opacity of about 20% (again depending on your color)

Thank you again Anx.

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