Thursday, June 4, 2015

TBT: That Strong Willed Boy of Mine - Amsterdam 1980

This isn't the first image I have of him this way but it was something I hadn't notice until I started scanning photos. The lad had a mind of his own and followed his own path most of his life.

It was August 1980 and we were glad for a place to sit down, have a drink and use the toilet. The Old Sailor bar in Amsterdam. Here he is, stubbornly standing in front of the bar we all had come out of. Well, four of us were leaving but one of us planned to stay. No Matter What. We had had the discussion inside when it was time to leave whatever game he was playing and he wanted to stay. Finally my former husband had enough and said we were going.

We left but he really wanted to stay and keep playing one of the machines you see in these images.
I really don't recall how the stalemate was broken. Whether he gave in or my husband walked back to bribe him in some way, I'm not sure. I suspect the latter. At age 8, he didn't give in much.

Here my three children, the strong willed  boy's legs visible, and their father in the white shirt get another drink from the public fountain. Were plastic bottles available then? It looks like the man in blue might be waiting to fill one. Or maybe Europe had them before our home in Africa did.  But I do remember that boy refusing to leave his spot and his sister being hit by a bicycle on this trip. We warned the children about the manic bikers but it was easy to forget. Ah Amsterdam...such memories.

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