Thursday, June 18, 2015

TBT: North Yorkshire in the 70s

As there is only one child in this image, I know it is not after or close to Jan 1972. That's when son#2 arrived and I would not have been able to fasten that sheepskin coat.  Going for a day out in our VW Bug (seen in the background) was always a treat. I learned quickly to brink a flask of hot tea, sandwiches and some kind of sweet thing. We also learned quickly to use the great outdoor bathroom. It wasn't often we saw other people on our little family trips and really there was little to see except the beautiful wild landscape of what was then called the North Riding.

That hat my little man is wearing is one of many his maternal grandmother churned out with the wool I sent her. A warm cap was almost always a good idea in our time in England.

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