Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday: Little Memories June 26 2015

Cleaning out does lead to a lot of memories. Small things that trigger a lot of times gone by and places I've been. I decided to make this post one of those 'save the image' and trash some of the bits. Well, not all the bits...that's just how I roll.

#1 is a little brass chinchook as these geckos are known in Thailand. We had these little lizards all over our house in Bangkok. Most were only about 4 inches long and have little suction cup thingies on their lower parts which keep them securely on the walls as they wander about. We soon learned to be happy with them as they loved the taste of mosquitoes.

#2 is my late mother's 30 year government service pin. Sometimes I think that's about all she got out of all those years of working hard and diligently. She retired in a February because she wasn't feeling well, had cancer surgery in May and died in October. That was in 1981. She only received those few months of her retirement pay and it taught me a lesson. Live now.

#3 is half of one of my own government badges. I liked that photo a lot so instead of keeping the whole badge, I cut it in half. Now days, there is no way you take a badge with you! That was the 90s.

#4 is a 10¢ Euro coin. Not worth much and the kind of coin you find somewhere in a suitcase etc long after a trip and feel too lazy to bother to take it to the bag of €coins you have in a safe place for the next trip. Yet at the same time, you feel that you should. I say YOU but of course I mean I.

#5 is more recent. We ate at my favorite Indian restaurant a month of so ago, a favorite of the Indian community also. On a Sunday, there are lots of family groups and the women may wear some of their better saris. I saw one stunning sari on a woman in the buffet line and told my dh "THAT one is a silk one!" I learned my silk in Thailand and the sheen is distinctive. Later as I used the ladies room after her, I saw a bit of thread on the floor. I picked it up and that wonderful feel of silk thread took me back to many days when I picked though bolts of silk for my next dress. As we were leaving, I complimented the woman on her sari and her eyes lit up. I was really tempted to ask if I could fondle the material, but I behaved and just thought it.

Maybe if you clean out a little Altoid tin or desk cup, you'll find your memory going back. If the memory isn't good, just trash it! That's my advice.  Have a good weekend and I hope to see you back after the July 4th Holiday!!

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thistlewoodfarm said...

Many great items. Have a great 4th!

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