Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday: June 12 2015

This and that...

1. If I had a bathroom mainly used by boys or a man I think I'd do this. In fact, I might just use it if I ever decide to replace our downstairs sink arrangement. I would put a wooden or marble etc top on the cabinet just for rust protection. I also like the idea that you could lock up meds.

2. Here are some nice cooling FREE wallpapers for your Mac. Go down the post for the grassy images though you might like the rainbow-y bokeh ones too. I'm partial to the grass one.

3.  I rarely use Microsoft Office much anymore. No need for extensive writing or spreadsheets. Most of my time is spent with Adobe products and the occasional html. However, when I have to write something in Word, you can be sure that there's an update I need to install before I use it. Maybe that's why I put off using Word til it's Almost Time for something.  btw, Adobe Flash comes pretty darn close to a new version every time I need it.  Your experience too?

4. This looks like a good cake to make now that strawberry season is upon us. I wonder if they still make Swan's Down flour? 

5.  Last week my dh and I went to a family memorial service for a few of his relatives. Most of the still living cousins were in attendance. He brought a pretty good family tree done  on both of our computers and a few were willing to add some of the missing details. It was a small but good event with some in their mid 70s down to a 4 year old. That's a lot of the enjoyment even for me when I had only met two of the other attendees. Family is good, isn't it!

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