Friday, June 19, 2015

5 on Friday: June 19 2015

A bit more time and the year will be half over. Amazing - and yet for those children and teachers still in school it must seem like the days will never go fast enough. I know one or two who have said that.

So this week I'll take a page from Ali Edwards and make my five a bit different with a prompt for each paragraph or entry. That's one of Ali's wonderful ideas for writing.

 This week

     I cooked this new-to-me-way of cooking corn on the cob - In A Cooler. As I was by my lonesome- no no not lonely - this week with himself in Kansas City, I only bought 5 ears of corn. Mighty delicious this way was.  I ate the 2nd eat a good bit later than the first while it was still in the hot water and it was just a good. I'm sold on this way.

     I read Jo Nesbo's short novel/novella "Blood on Snow"  and found it a perfect afternoon read one day.

     I listened to a few podcasts as I haven't put the great bulk of my music on my new iPhone. In time. I want to clean out those songs and odd bits that I don't want anymore. One podcast I listened to again after a long time was The Bowery Boys.  If you like New York, you'll like this one. Easier than a trip there.

     I watched "American Sniper" from Redbox. I liked it a lot. Of course the next day I got a free movie coupon but couldn't find any darn movie I wanted to spend a few hours with, even for free. That's how it goes. Upscale issue which is a non-issue. Right?

     I started writing Morning Pages again. My notebook is very large and has very thin lines so I am doing 2 pages rather than the suggested 3 pages. I don't like doing this very much but I've done it at different times in my life and it does make a difference. How long I keep it up is unknown but then again isn't that true for most things in life?

That's it for me for this week. A breakfast out on Father's Day thanks to one of his children. I plan on Shrimp and Grits! I couldn't ask for much more. May your weekend be good and one that you think of your father. No matter what, most of us needed at least one sperm to get us here.  That's one reason to be grateful for who ever your sperm donor was.  See you on Monday. 

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