Friday, June 26, 2015

Five on Friday: Little Memories June 26 2015

Cleaning out does lead to a lot of memories. Small things that trigger a lot of times gone by and places I've been. I decided to make this post one of those 'save the image' and trash some of the bits. Well, not all the bits...that's just how I roll.

#1 is a little brass chinchook as these geckos are known in Thailand. We had these little lizards all over our house in Bangkok. Most were only about 4 inches long and have little suction cup thingies on their lower parts which keep them securely on the walls as they wander about. We soon learned to be happy with them as they loved the taste of mosquitoes.

#2 is my late mother's 30 year government service pin. Sometimes I think that's about all she got out of all those years of working hard and diligently. She retired in a February because she wasn't feeling well, had cancer surgery in May and died in October. That was in 1981. She only received those few months of her retirement pay and it taught me a lesson. Live now.

#3 is half of one of my own government badges. I liked that photo a lot so instead of keeping the whole badge, I cut it in half. Now days, there is no way you take a badge with you! That was the 90s.

#4 is a 10¢ Euro coin. Not worth much and the kind of coin you find somewhere in a suitcase etc long after a trip and feel too lazy to bother to take it to the bag of €coins you have in a safe place for the next trip. Yet at the same time, you feel that you should. I say YOU but of course I mean I.

#5 is more recent. We ate at my favorite Indian restaurant a month of so ago, a favorite of the Indian community also. On a Sunday, there are lots of family groups and the women may wear some of their better saris. I saw one stunning sari on a woman in the buffet line and told my dh "THAT one is a silk one!" I learned my silk in Thailand and the sheen is distinctive. Later as I used the ladies room after her, I saw a bit of thread on the floor. I picked it up and that wonderful feel of silk thread took me back to many days when I picked though bolts of silk for my next dress. As we were leaving, I complimented the woman on her sari and her eyes lit up. I was really tempted to ask if I could fondle the material, but I behaved and just thought it.

Maybe if you clean out a little Altoid tin or desk cup, you'll find your memory going back. If the memory isn't good, just trash it! That's my advice.  Have a good weekend and I hope to see you back after the July 4th Holiday!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Vienna, A Full Day's Worth Part 2

After our lunch back on the ship, we did not nap! Oh no, it was back into the city for 2+ hours of free time. I'm a good wanderer though Dick likes a set schedule so we managed both. I meandered about while he had his tour of the Opera House. Fortunately, it was right near the Albertina, our drop off point and he bought his ticket and I was then on my own.

I saw many things but didn't buy anything. Even back in 2012, I knew I didn't need more. But looking is always fun!

Oh Sigh...I'm missing my love, Eric Clapton! I would have never thought to look for a concert.

Pretty and Pricey but then again, this IS Vienna.

If this is the color of the season, I'll pass. I'm sure winter wear is a big deal with the Austrian climate.

I have a grandson named Jake so this department caught my eye! Not quite his style but eye-catching.

I've always loved the winter displays I see in Europe. Then I come home and forget to make or buy any such things.

When I met him it was time for a snack. But of course. Sadly not one of the lovely cafes but rather a simple and quick snack. Well simple for me but a bit more filling for him. But of course.

I need to make sure I am included in our photos while he contemplates our next move. More for you next week!

Monday, June 22, 2015

AAM Monday Project Life Week 22

Caught up in doing my  Project Life, just not caught up in posting here. It's a good feeling!

Friday, June 19, 2015

5 on Friday: June 19 2015

A bit more time and the year will be half over. Amazing - and yet for those children and teachers still in school it must seem like the days will never go fast enough. I know one or two who have said that.

So this week I'll take a page from Ali Edwards and make my five a bit different with a prompt for each paragraph or entry. That's one of Ali's wonderful ideas for writing.

 This week

     I cooked this new-to-me-way of cooking corn on the cob - In A Cooler. As I was by my lonesome- no no not lonely - this week with himself in Kansas City, I only bought 5 ears of corn. Mighty delicious this way was.  I ate the 2nd eat a good bit later than the first while it was still in the hot water and it was just a good. I'm sold on this way.

     I read Jo Nesbo's short novel/novella "Blood on Snow"  and found it a perfect afternoon read one day.

     I listened to a few podcasts as I haven't put the great bulk of my music on my new iPhone. In time. I want to clean out those songs and odd bits that I don't want anymore. One podcast I listened to again after a long time was The Bowery Boys.  If you like New York, you'll like this one. Easier than a trip there.

     I watched "American Sniper" from Redbox. I liked it a lot. Of course the next day I got a free movie coupon but couldn't find any darn movie I wanted to spend a few hours with, even for free. That's how it goes. Upscale issue which is a non-issue. Right?

     I started writing Morning Pages again. My notebook is very large and has very thin lines so I am doing 2 pages rather than the suggested 3 pages. I don't like doing this very much but I've done it at different times in my life and it does make a difference. How long I keep it up is unknown but then again isn't that true for most things in life?

That's it for me for this week. A breakfast out on Father's Day thanks to one of his children. I plan on Shrimp and Grits! I couldn't ask for much more. May your weekend be good and one that you think of your father. No matter what, most of us needed at least one sperm to get us here.  That's one reason to be grateful for who ever your sperm donor was.  See you on Monday. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

TBT: North Yorkshire in the 70s

As there is only one child in this image, I know it is not after or close to Jan 1972. That's when son#2 arrived and I would not have been able to fasten that sheepskin coat.  Going for a day out in our VW Bug (seen in the background) was always a treat. I learned quickly to brink a flask of hot tea, sandwiches and some kind of sweet thing. We also learned quickly to use the great outdoor bathroom. It wasn't often we saw other people on our little family trips and really there was little to see except the beautiful wild landscape of what was then called the North Riding.

That hat my little man is wearing is one of many his maternal grandmother churned out with the wool I sent her. A warm cap was almost always a good idea in our time in England.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Vienna, A Full Day's Worth Part 1

November 15th, 2012 started with a lecture on Musical Vienna after breakfast. Then some of our group went off to Schonbrunn Palace. We had been their on our 2008 trip so we went back into the city with another group for a guided visit of the Art Historical Museum. It was a brisk, sunny day and the museum was typically gorgeous and typically Baroque.  Outside they were setting up the stands for the Christmas market which we would miss.

Despite good walking shoes my knee was telling me to slow down. While Dick continued on the full tour, and full it was, I repaired to the Cafe for a lovely cup of coffee. Elegance indeed! Any other time I might have had a pastry also but considering the amount of food we had on the ship, I knew I didn't need to gild the lily.  

Isn't that balanced teaspoon on the water chaser just perfect?  Yes, coffee does coat the tongue and teeth more than tea does. Vienna is nothing if not elegant.

I had enjoyed seeing my favorite Vermeers before my coffee break and when Dick met me, our group went back to the boat for lunch. It was always hard to do justice to the wonderful lunches because the afternoon was free time back in the city.  Rather than an afternoon nap, we preferred to go to bed early.

We considered this for a grandson but knew there was no room in our suitcases for a gift this size. Sometimes the thought cannot lead to action despite good intentions.

So back to the boat we went for our mid day meal. It was a good and enjoyable morning.

Monday, June 15, 2015

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 21

The focus of this week was getting him ready for eyelid surgery and then his having it. All worked very very well.  Such a blessing.

Of course it was also commissioning week at the United States Naval Academy with the Blue Angels air show. One year, I'll make it down to the Severn River to watch. This would have been the year but laziness won out. Sigh.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Five on Friday: June 12 2015

This and that...

1. If I had a bathroom mainly used by boys or a man I think I'd do this. In fact, I might just use it if I ever decide to replace our downstairs sink arrangement. I would put a wooden or marble etc top on the cabinet just for rust protection. I also like the idea that you could lock up meds.

2. Here are some nice cooling FREE wallpapers for your Mac. Go down the post for the grassy images though you might like the rainbow-y bokeh ones too. I'm partial to the grass one.

3.  I rarely use Microsoft Office much anymore. No need for extensive writing or spreadsheets. Most of my time is spent with Adobe products and the occasional html. However, when I have to write something in Word, you can be sure that there's an update I need to install before I use it. Maybe that's why I put off using Word til it's Almost Time for something.  btw, Adobe Flash comes pretty darn close to a new version every time I need it.  Your experience too?

4. This looks like a good cake to make now that strawberry season is upon us. I wonder if they still make Swan's Down flour? 

5.  Last week my dh and I went to a family memorial service for a few of his relatives. Most of the still living cousins were in attendance. He brought a pretty good family tree done  on both of our computers and a few were willing to add some of the missing details. It was a small but good event with some in their mid 70s down to a 4 year old. That's a lot of the enjoyment even for me when I had only met two of the other attendees. Family is good, isn't it!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

TBT: Oh The Papers I Wrote

Ah yes....things wives do. Foolish things wives do. We've all heard about the wives who slaved away as typists, back when the world used typewriters, to put their dear hubby through school or residency or blah blah blah.

Well back in my day, I urged my then husband to finish HIS degree while he was working full time. In the UK in those days, I was not allowed to work because of the 'status of forces' agreement. So I wrote papers for him so he could sleep instead of staying up to do his own schoolwork. He graduated and when a M.A. program was  offered, once again I encouraged him to go for it. He did and I read more books on international affairs than I had ever planned to. It was hard to discuss these with him since he, of course, was not reading them! In fact, one time when 'his' paper' did not receive the usual A, I was furious and kept telling him to go discuss that with his professor. Naturally, he refused and I stewed a long time about that undeserved B.  Undeserved at least in my mind.

But eventually this duplicity was over and he received the Master of Arts degree. The ceremony was held in London and it was in the early 70s I believe. Another wife and I decided there was time before the actual event to wander around the streets of London which we knew fairly well. A stop in a pub led us to almost missing the actual event. I recall wearing a fashionable maxi dress and having to pick my dress up to dash back to the ceremony. I still think maxi dresses are a pain in the ..... Maxis and clog like wooden soled shoes do not lend themselves to quick movement I found.

He's the one in the back row, 2nd from right with the grin and the stache. I now wonder 1. How many of these men are still alive and 2. How many did their own classwork for that degree???

Life leaves us with many unanswered questions.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: We Arrive in Vienna

Lest you think this is where I am now, this day was actually back on November 14, 2012. Our Rhine & Danube River Cruise. Yes, I am a bit slow in getting all this trip documented. Once that is done, the fun starts...the scrapbooking.

I was told we were to arrive in Vienna at 01:00 am. You couldn't prove it by me but I took their word. I'm sure some other people were either still up or willing to get up to see the arrival but I like my sleep.   Yes, I awoke to see that we were in Vienna!

After our normal breakfast on board, coaches were scheduled to take us in batches on a tour of the city. Headsets at the ready, off we went for a drive around Vienna and a tour of the National Library. Stunning library and I know libraries as a lot of my childhood was spent in the Library of Congress where my mother worked.

Once again, I can only take Baroque in small doses so while the group wandered from room to room, I sat down in a window cubby and just marveled at the precious books, maps and globes. On the walk back to the our coach, we passed the Spanish Riding School horses starting some daily exercise. That was enough for me as I'm not much of a horse person. Gorgeous horses, lets move on.

We had been to Vienna before so the coach ride was a nice refresher course.  Back to the boat we went for our lunch which was good solid food - Austrian Cheese Sausage, Roasted Onion Potatoes, and a Warm White Cabbage Salad with Caraway.

Our boat was anchored right on the Danube in the city, so once again we went into the downtown by coach in staggered shifts. We were dropped off and picked up at the Albertina Museum. Mainly we wandered and just enjoyed being on dry land and in the oh so cosmopolitan Vienna.

While waiting for our coach, the last one going back, I saw this.

Later that evening we had made plans to go out to dinner with a couple from Pennsylvania who had also been to Vienna once before.  We found the  Lubella Restaurant just a short U-Bahn ride away. I recall that some of the dishes were more Balkan though it now advertises itself as Russian also. In any case it was nice to have company for an off-boat 'adventure'.

While I recall the food as good, we were talking and eating but not taking photos. However, the walk back gave us this marvelous view.

The Danube and our boat docked (off camera) on the river at the Riechsbrucke.

We walked down the river a bit to get this view, The Saint Francis of Assisi Church.  Gorgeous and so well lit. That is Vienna!

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