Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tip for Tuesday: Hummus Pancakes? Thank You Dorie Greenspan!

Most of the time, like Dorie, I make my own hummus. Oh it sounds so wonderful to my ego to say "like Dorie" but it's true. I usually make my own. The only issue is that it means my food processor needs to be washed before the next project and when I make hummus I often have something else in mind to cook/make. I've learned to chop up the onions and veggies first for whatever other dish I'm cooking as I don't care if there is a hint of onion and/or carrot in my hummus. ymmv.

When I'm done making the hummus, I often make a vinaigrette right in the processor bowl. The hummus that's left after a good scraping emulsifies with the oil and vinegar for a nice creamy dressing. 

But I didn't know you could do things WITH the hummus! That's where Dorie's article comes in. Hummus pancakes. 

In her article, Dorie describes how she makes a tahini mayo to top those pancakes. I'll pass on that because I'm not a mayo eater but you probably are. But the idea of pancakes intrigues me. I'm going to make some for a breakfast this week topped by a fried egg. How's that sound? I'd even have that for dinner. 

The recipes for both the hummus, the pancakes and the mayo are in the article. Seriously, if you have a food processor you may never buy hummus again. Bon appetit! and let me know if you try any of these recipes and any tweaks you may make. We cooks like to know those things.

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