Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

We spent a lot of time in DC yesterday, looking for family graves for my first husband. Fortunately, the weather was gorgeous so it didn't matter too much that we didn't find any. Mt. Olivet has a lot of graves and without the exact locations, they were needles in a haystack.

Today, my dh is thinking that they might be in St. Mary's Cemetery which was an offshoot of Mt. Olivet or vice versa.  St. Mary's is administered by Mt. Olivet so... In any case a bit more research and a day that cemetery staff are present makes this a future visit.

But here is my father a WWII veteran, a veteran whose records either went up in smoke in the fire or drowned in the flood at the Records Center in St. Louis. That center is doomed.

Many thanks to all our veterans wherever they may be. 

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