Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Getting Back in the Groove

A lot of the recent days and evenings have been spent on Ancestry. com.  I have found a lot of information on my family, my former husband's family and my current husband's family. That's  a lot of family trees!

As our visit to one cemetery did not result in actually seeing any of our family's graves as yesterday's post mentioned, my dh now realizes that the St. Mary's cemetery in DC is more likely to be the one he remembers visiting. Administered by Mt. Olivet, we plan another visit some time in the future. A lot of our travel could involve visiting cemeteries!

You have a good view of the city from one of the hills in Mt. Olivet. That's the capitol center right with the Library of Congress to the left.

We did see this one grave that was interesting and wondered who these two women were and what their relationship was. Sisters? two close friends (but nothing more)? a couple?  A mystery that just fascinates but stays a mystery.

Now after the holiday weekend is over, it's time for me to get back into more of a routine. Not too rigid, but a routine.  Keeping up with the garden and making meals. Just some of life's basics.

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