Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday: May 8, 2015

We had a good rainstorm move through the area Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, I was in a meeting and only heard the wind but drove home to smell the wonderful post rain scent and see a rainbow in the sky. Hard to take that shot while driving but trust me it was a blessed sight.

1. Rain? we still need more as the few plants I have out were bone dry. Nights have been very very chilly but the dryness also made me hesitate to buy more. I've only given away one of my 10 chive plants. You do know that chives multiply and apparently can handle severe winters.

2. Chives live; figs die.  Sad sad sad to see my neighbors trees crisped to the bone from the cold.

3. Giving my daughter a computer that allows her to connect her camera to it has caused her to blanket Facebook with her photos. Almost like the people who flood Twitter or Instagram with 20 images in a row. Could be worse.

4. I had great intentions of putting my new shoes to the test at the gym but somehow spring fever held that up. Next week??

5. Catching up with this final season of Mad Men makes me think some writer's been smokin' some weed or something.  Weird shows. Weird and flat. It's a shame when the last season leaves you with a Meh feeling. Don appears to feel the same way.

That's all she wrote this week, so see you back here next week unless you are going to Alaska as someone I know is doing. Better him than me! Ciao!

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