Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday: May 22, 2015

What to say about this week...lots of good things

1. The boy had eye surgery. No more drooping lids which were both interfering with his vision AND my ability to see his eyes.

No, he's not sleeping. He's talking to me and the recovery nurse while he has the cold compresses on his eyes. The black and blue bruising has already started, and no I didn't beat him up!

2. Soon, like maybe this upcoming week, I'll be getting my iPhone6. So it was therefore time to do a current backup of my 4s. You know overtime you do things like this you see crap once important stuff that you no longer need. Well I also found some apps that I'd bought and never gotroundto using. VSCOcam was one. If you're like me here's a link to a video that walks you through getting started.

3. Outside the front door we have a cherry blossom tree that has a stone bird house. We got it in Seattle and it's as heavy as ...stone. We put it up and a year or so later a family of birds moved in. Then years went by and it remained empty. We wondered how in the heck we could clean it as the stone pebbles are cemented on etc. Well after this frigid winter, we now have a flock of screaming hungry kids in there. Mama is always rushing back and forth and Dad sits up above the family abode fluffing himself up and chirping loudly. These are sparrow sized birds - maybe they are sparrows???- so his size isn't likely to scare any hungry critter. Frankly, I think the racket would be enough to send them packing.

4. I have been pretty good about getting my 3k steps in each day, not always but a lot. Once again, I know I have to leave the house to do more. Maybe today?

5. My son started doing geneology work on when his father dumped or generously gave him a lot of photos from my former mother in law. She was good about writing names and dates on the images she had and fortunately her family was pretty much in VA and DC. Among the many interesting things my son has discovered is that ancestors lived very near where he is now living today. His roots really are here.

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