Friday, May 15, 2015

Five on Friday: May 15, 2015

Many weeks I try to get some or all the blog posts done in advance, especially this one. I keep a running list of things I find interesting, edible etc. There's rarely an item to wear on this post because I keep my wardrobe pretty simple; always have. Designers and trends have had little interest for me since so much of my life was outside the US and even then, I had inexpensive, ok really cheap, dressmakers to  do my bidding. Now, I stick to solid colors except for some long sleeved blouses that are good for the summer days of a/c. I look for things that won't show spills! Perhaps, I'm just a greedy eater. Don't answer that... Whatever, today I suddenly realized I hadn't done this post. Oh well, my mind is full of stuff, and stuff it is.

1. Sunday I took my dh up to BWI for a flight to Alaska. He had work there and I thought it was just too much of a haul for a short trip and I didn't feel like making it a long trip. So I stayed home. I did go to Costco and Walmart on the way home and got these 6 scallops. The man said they only have the seafood specials on ...special holidays, like Mothers' Day, Memorial Day etc. I must say it was a mighty fine $10 dinner.

2. Tuesday, I went north to Bel Air MD to do something for a friend of mine, and before hand we met up for dinner. Oysters on the half shell for the two of us, 6 each, and then we split a burger with fried oysters  for our main. I love eating with someone who shares my taste! The friend I shared food with has the glasses.  Yes, I was considerably older than most of the others at table!

3. I had great intentions of getting up earlier and going for a walk to the library. Darn it was chilly at 6am, so much so that I just nestled down into the covers and went back to sleep. Good intentions aren't worth a damn. I suppose the next step is to go walking this afternoon???

4. Speaking of walking, I'm doing pretty well on getting the 3k+ steps in daily. I find if I go out for most any chore I rack up many more than I thought I would. Perhaps this means I should do my shopping in stores rather than on line. But then I'd add tax to many things. Health vs wealth. Right now most of my walking is done is scheduled walks inside the house several times a day. Next week I'm upping my goal to 4K. Slow and sure gets back to 10k.

5.  Instead of that morning walk, I did get my heavy duty shoes on for some planting on the deck. That trip sunday netted me a bunch of plants but not too many. I like white flowers and so most of my deck baskets hold herbs and white petunias. I do need more herbs but I did split my arugula which has lasted many a  year despite the last two wretched winters.  3 arugula plants, 9 should be divided chive bunches, and lots of white petunias. Sadly, all that standing does not count towards steps. Boo hiss.

Since the weather has warmed up a bit, perhaps I'll take myself for a walk. Then again, I may just sit in a chair and read! In any case, have a great weekend and be sure to take some time out with Mama Nature. It's her month too!

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Photocat said...

Those scallops look devine! If you have a recipe for them send them on. I rarely buy them or cook them because they need to be cooked just right... You have been busy! Sometimes it's good to just be home by oneself!

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