Friday, May 1, 2015

Five on Friday: Hello May!

Another day, another month. Wow. Sometimes in the year the days seem to go slowly  but right now it seems like the days are starting to go quickly. Maybe it feels like that because I was up in Boston for almost a week. That really throws me off my routine but that IS the point of a vacation isn't it.

My profound (!) thoughts for the week.

1. It's spring! I always say I don't need to see the cherry blossoms in DC because I have some of my own.

2. Madame Secretary is really getting even better I think. Of course, it's set in my backyard and we know government round here. But the stories are so close to the headlines it's almost creepy.

3. Baking has returned but I'm only getting C- in the course! My RiceKrispie treats tasted great but made a friction' mess in the pan and the bottom was burned. My shortbread would have been great if I had read the recipe through before starting. That is so basic I can't believe I just jumped in without reading.

4. The little mini boot I have to wear at night for my ankle seems to be helping a lot. As the doctor said, she can't or rather doesn't suggest doing anything to remove the calcium deposits that are a bone spur but she can help manage or alleviate the pain. Sometimes, if I'm home most of the day, I will wear the full calf boot which also helps a great deal. A drag to walk in round the house but not terribly hard. This is the big boot. And yes, we go from warm to downright chilly round here. I've still needed that heater now and then

5. I've surprised myself by continuing to enjoy coffee more than I ever did. Of course, it's mild coffee with half and half. Not the Sumatra sludge my dh drinks. Sometimes I even put a bit of hot chocolate in mine to make a real mocha! I can see that as an iced summer drink.

Have a great weekend!

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