Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Durnstein Austria Part 2

As we had had our lunch on board the ship, our main event in Durnstein was the Organ Concert.  I really had enjoyed the walk along the river to this small town and we ended up at the  beautiful Durnstein Abbey. 

As always, we went in group by group, never in the same order so that we never felt we were getting unfair treatment! The Abbey was originally established in 1410 but renovated in the 1700s. Thus it was as Baroque as you can imagine! While we had a bit of time to look about, we quickly had to find seats. I certainly didn't mind crowding as it was really cold inside. 

Baroque is not my thing and as we had chairs in one of the aisles in the back, I rather counted the minutes until I could get up. The ceilings were more my style as opposed to the altars with more gold than I could take.

Back outside, it was time for us to split up - the wine tasters on their way and those of us not tasting had free time to walk round some more. Again, as it was not the main tourist season the town was very quiet but a few shops were open. I got a ski cap for one grandson but that was about it.

We walked down to the end of the main street and got these views of the Danube. The afternoon was drawing down, and the mists were rising. This is weather that I really like, I suspect because it reminds me of my days in England so much.

We were going back to a special Tea Time aboard ship, so we passed on this place for a coffee and walked on. High above the city was the Castle. Maybe we'd have time to walk up?

Durnstein is well known for its Rieslings and apricot brandy, and we passed these smaller vineyards on our way towards the castle.

We walked up a path but soon realized we didn't have the time or energy to continue all the way up. Perhaps another trip or another lifetime. I bet Richard the Lionhearted did not relish his time imprisoned here on such days as this.

Back past some ordinary life, trucks parked by homes and views of kitchens getting ready for dinner.  We had a trek along the river to get back to our ship. I'd be ready for something hot!

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