Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Auf Wiederschaun Durnstein

The non visible sun was getting lower on the horizon so we headed back to our river cruise boat. We asked the boat tender to take our photo, and he took about 5 or so. First, he didn't get the name Durnstein in the image and then we weren't sure he was still taking pictures - thus my wondering look in the 2nd image - but in the end we had a couple of good ones.

Back on the boat, the afternoon tea had many a dessert for us. There would be no way to diet on a trip like this and I wasn't trying. But I did want to fit into my clothes for the trip home! It was getting  a bit iffy.

But of course, TWO chocolate fountains.

We DID have dinner that night as usual, mushroom soup made with real mushrooms &  a rack of lamb. I had the grace to pass on the apple strudel though. A bit of a cheese plate always sufficed. Later we stayed up for the entertainment, a tradition on most cruises with the Crew Show. It's always a lot of silly humor but when you add some of the German takes on that there were a lot of groans amidst the laughing. God bless 'em though they did clown it up!

Next day - a BIG city, Vienna.

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