Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tip for Tuesday: April 28, 2015

I am a bit behind in my travel  stuff so I decided to make a new category for Tuesday. Every once in a while I see something on line that is not quite a tutorial but more of a tip.

Linda classifies the blend modes that she uses the most for digital scrappinga into three categories after Normal. Normal is normal, no change at all.

Darken - Color Burn and Multiply

Lighten - Screen, Color Dodge

Contrast - Overlay, Soft Light and Hard Light

This one came from Linda Davis a CT member for Anna Aspnes.  I can't believe I never heard this in eight years of using Photoshop Elements. You can watch Linda's video over on the Anna Aspnes YouTube channel.

Another take on this whole business of Blend Modes is at PhotoshopElements.  There are more thorough explanations of the different modes in that post if you really want to get into blends. Here's how they color code them!

Hope this gets you into seeing what each of these blend modes is set up to do without too much effort. Blending really takes you to a new level with your Photoshop or PSE.

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