Thursday, April 30, 2015

TBT: Back in Bangkok

This postcard of the Siam Intercontinental was from our last days in Bangkok. After we cleared out our house, we stayed here for a few days.  This was a fantastic place especially at that time. What I recall most is that there was a mini zoo in the back with a lot of monkeys. I was fascinated by them, they looked so human. What they mostly did was sit and pick bugs, nits whatever from each others' heads.  But the way they looked at us, me, was quite unsettling.  I don't like zoos and this is probably where that bias came from

The hotel is, er was, advertised on the back of the postcard as being in the center of 26 acres of tropical gardens. No address was given so you can tell it was so well known that everyone knew where it was! It appears from looking at the current website that the hotel has kept those grounds but the city has grown around it.

I would love to go back one day but then I think about the heat and humidity and I tend to say...stick to your memories Maureen. But then I think of the food....omg it's tempting to go!

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