Friday, April 3, 2015

Five on Friday: April 3, 2015

Where was my brain last week, I don't know. Five on Friday came and went and I was not on Friday.  As I've said with the Daylight Savings change, my mind has been scrambled. I think the brain cells are settling a bit now though! Here goes.

1. Elise has this terrific new daily planner for pre-order. Check it out. Seriously, it's really good looking and goes from mid July onward.

click image to get details

2. The flowers are finally blooming, both indoors and out. With some good sunshine as well as not 'too' warm temperatures, I may have a chance at getting the garden clean up done before the 'below the surface' weeds start to sprout. I really no longer like garden work but it's the price one pays for having a house.

3. With family scattered and the only nearby daughter vegetarian, I had to disappoint my dh with his wish for an Easter ham. "There's nothing like a good ham..." he said wistfully. But with just one person eating the leftover ham, it can hang around for a long, long time. The last ham had to be tossed when the portion not frozen had come to the end of its edible time. This is what I'd really have liked on the menu...

That's a Maryland Stuffed Ham - click for more information

4. Back to my tv watching. I picked up a dvd of The Borgias at the library earlier this week. When I put it into our old dvd player/recorder, it loaded but would not play. Just as well as I then saw that while it was Season1, it was the 2nd dvd in the series. I'll have to check Netflix one of these days for it as I think our dvd player is almost toast.

5. My friend permanently loaned me her popover pan recently. This is the kind of thing where one of you keeps it until the other one wants to use it and then it changes home. There are many great kitchen items that benefit from this kind of status. Another friend has my raclette maker which I should have borrowed back this past winter. It was a good winter for raclette but alas I didn't think of it during the days of sub zero temperatures. Perhaps I should put it on the calendar for a November pickup this fall. Maybe that will guarantee a milder winter. I only wish.

For those of you celebrating Easter, have a wonderful holiday!

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