Monday, April 20, 2015

AAM Monday: If it's not one thing...

The 6 months after my right knee replacement have been going remarkably well. I was really happy and was ready to plan more trips after my mid-week journey to NYC where I did as much walking as I wanted.  More really.

Then about month seven, I noticed the pain in my left heel had returned.  Well before the knee replacement I'd had a torn achilles tendon and a bone spur on the left leg/foot. This resulted in a summer of wearing 'the boot'. That issue seemed resolved....but sadly, it just seemed to be dormant and I now have an appointment with a foot specialist in the same practice as my knee surgeon. I really want a holistic look at what I can do so that it's not left side, right side, left side with issues.

Then on Friday, just after I got back from a trip to Boston where walking was painful and limited, another thing occurred! A toenail fell off! this was the straw that made me sigh with frustration.

Amidst the wires and cables of my computer land, I now have one foot with only 4 toenails, all of which are green. I suppose I could always paint my skin grew while I wait for the new nail. It's always something, isn't it....

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