Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Goodbye Big Apple

My last day in New York and I definitely accomplished two of the things that I had planned for this trip. In fact when discussing the trip with a few friends, one said that she would loan me her MOMA card to see the Matisse cut out work exhibit. I had hoped to have breakfast at Cafe Sbarsky also but as my hotel included breakfast, I decided I didn't need that extra meal. I also found that the bus going north from 53rd Street to 86th Street was a lovely ride but a slow one. 

Too late for brunch and too early for lunch, so a pastry and a melange filled the bill as I wrote postcards. Not my normal activity but I thought a few friends and children would enjoy getting a card. I had even bought stamps down in Chelsea the day before. Planning!

I made the big screen and also managed to get my phone out and snap the shot. That doesn't always happen. The image of Georgia O'Keefe in MOMA reminded me very much of the woman who told me about the bus to NY. It's all connected...energywise.

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