Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Durnstein Austria

Back to the River Cruise we took in autumn of 2012. Sometimes, you just have to let the story settle and do it when you feel like doing it. I decided I'd do blog posts to remember as much as I could and then go back and do the layouts from those. That method has worked for me in the past even though my dh often says...but you didn't mention x, y or z.  So I say, Would you like to write your memories of the trip for me?   He then goes back to his reading...

This day started with a slow cruise from Germany into Austria through the Wachau Valley. It was a foggy morning with glimpses of buildings on both shores. From dawn we had this kind of view from our cabin. Overcast and gray and with a bit of rain early in the day.

There were, of course, the endless locks which took time to clear. Some of us found them fascinating; I had learned enough after seeing a couple of locks.

But eventually we arrived in Durnstein after a morning demonstration of strudel making. I didn't bother to take photos as I never intend to try and make a strudel. A wonderful dessert (but preferably with any fruit other than apple for me) that I happily leave to the pastry chefs.

Our reason for stopping at Durnstein was to have a walking tour, a wine tasting and then an organ concert. As non-drinkers, we passed on the wine tasting and continued to wander round the town. As it was mid-November, there were very few people about but it was a lovely little town and I could certainly imagine it as a special place to come to in nicer weather for the people of Vienna.

Our guide put his sign on his coat so he didn't have to carry it all the time. I thought that was a pretty clever idea. Yes, we were the orange group. While the sun never really came out, the day was foggy and misty but not real rain. That's November!

Since our house # is 12 we try to find buildings on our trips with the same #.  So this would be my home if I lived in Durnstein.  More later!

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