Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Another Bite of the Big Apple

After my day spent at Ground Zero, I was ready for more walking. One thing I have wanted to do since I heard about it was walk the High Line. There above the city, walking south along the Hudson River, it sounded wonderful. It was!

Brisk weather all day long, but not so cold that it hurt.  A proper cold day that allows you to walk without wondering if you could take a layer off. Of course you rarely can because that just means you have to carry another thing. These things have to be thought out carefully when you are not at home and have limited clothing options. All in all I've learned, less is more in packing.

As the big card says above, it was another day of 18,000+ steps. You'd think I'd lose 10 lbs, wouldn't you. I didn't. It may have been that scone...

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