Thursday, March 19, 2015

TBT: An English "Knitter" 1972

While his sister in later years paid no attention to her knitting lessons, firstborn son was his grandmother's first grandchild. He did pay attention on her 1972 visit to England. I had just had son #2 in January and my mother and I were going off to do the Tulip time in Holland. My mother was an avid gardener and the tulip fields as well as Keukenhoff left her breathless.

My Nana ( my mother's mother) was still there in England, having arrived before Christmas 1971. The wise British felt that a husband was not enough help for a new mother and wanted another person (preferably female) to be in the home with the new baby and mother, especially if there were other little ones. My mother convinced Nana to stay until her May visit and they could return to the US together. Poor Nana had been ready to go home earlier but we bribed her with weekly bingo trips and one week she even won the jackpot. However, she missed her regular games in Maryland and her bingo buddies. I suspect she was also ready to give up being a 'mother's helper.'

May in England...look at the lad, socks with his sandals, overalls and a long sleeved shirt. Yep, that was late spring attire.  Who knows if Dad (on the right) was impressed with the knitting. However, I'm still reminded of how darn comfortable that couch was.

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