Friday, March 6, 2015

TBT: England 1973

This is a very blurry shot but it brings back wonderful memories of my in laws visiting us in England. They came to babysit us while my xh and I went on a camping trip on the Continent. That is a whole other story and one which doesn't have any photos that I can find.

But back to this image. My eldest son is sitting on his paternal grandfather's arm. It is late afternoon as the sun is coming in from the west.  In his leopard pajamas, made by his maternal great grandmother, my son is holding what appears to be a stuffed animal. As it is not blue, is is not his beloved Teddy.

What strikes me in this image is how so many beloved items stick in our memory, only to reappear in later years without conscious thought. I, too, now have a pair of leopard flannel jammies! The walls in our bedroom are painted the same dark green. I still have some of that Ethan Allen furniture in our living room. But what I really have is the memory of two people I love/d, together for a short time.

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