Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reading & Watching, Another Way to Travel

I have not started another travel scrapping project but have one or two in mind. I have to visualize how I see the trip and what feel I want for the pages before I start. In my mind, I call it percolating time.  The bubbles are rising but the pot isn't ready to take off the stove yet

Lately, a lot of my free time has been taken up with 'in home travel' by either reading or watching tv series. I seem to vacillate and I've realized it depends on how cold it is. Really cold out and put me in front of the tv, next to the fire and nestled under a down throw. Warm and semi drowsy.  Thus, reading has taken quite a back seat in the recent week.

A new-to-me one I've started watching is Orphan Black, on BBC America.

I'm only in the beginning of season 1 and apparently season THREE is starting in April.  I wonder where I'll find season 2 - for free! 

Another BBC one (found on Netflix) I thoroughly enjoyed was The Honourable Woman, 8 episodes and I gobbled them up! Seriously, watch this one of you like current and tense political shows with all the Byzantine ways of the Arab/Israeli situation.

Broadchurch, Season Two, is ok but perhaps after watching my sweetie David Tennant in the not-so-great American version of B1, Gracepoint,  after watching the British original, I'm now a bit tired of his gaunt, exhausted look. Yes, the series was always dour but this has been just wearying.  You sort of wonder if there's something in the water out Broadchurch way... I'll continue on with it but not with a happy anticipation.

But I did find this one video to show a bit of a happier outcome in Broadchurch Season 3?

Maybe next week I should read more.

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