Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday: March 11, 2015

1. Sometimes while I wait during that 'let it simmer' stage of cooking, I sit down with my iPad and play in Pinterest. Yesterday while chile and meatballs were simmering away,

I decided to look through my "Food Glorious Food'' board. A few things I want to try Right Now and a few Pins that were duplicated or on the wrong board got cleaned out. I saw a few soups that were mentally put on the to-do list and I found a few cooking blogs I'd like to follow for a while. 

2. The other day I decided to check out that box at the top left of the Blogger page, which says "Next Blog".  Let's see what the rest of the world is saying/doing/thinking/making.  A teenage Asian girl who eats a lot of sushi, a LOT; a few artists; a retiree who has a quirky sense of humor and then it pops up. That warning. Content that may be unsuitable etc.  Hey, I'm 70 for chrissakes, I can take it. So what do I see?

A male artist in Salt Lake City. Somehow I wondered just what might be "unsuitable" in SLC but he seemed like the run of the mill punk kinda guy with long shorts and those big ear plugs, gauges, in the earlobe. Paintings that were colorful. In other words, he looked like he could work in an Apple store.

3.  This gave me a great laugh on a wretched 'isn't winter over, yet?' day.

4. The weather has become almost balmy, well by comparison to what we've recently had. What I see, unfortunately, is a lot of garden clean up. Somehow it just never gets done in the fall.

5. There is a computer 'hand me down' time in our house as my dh has finally got his longed for MacBookAir. No, not the newest one, but the older model, a refurbished one. I get his old MBP and my daughter gets my white Macbook. No Mac ever dies in our family! It's just the clean up and clean out that takes time as that is the least fun part of the exchange.

That's all for me today, so have a great weekend. We're meeting up with friends for a morning meal and maybe there will be a trip for me too. Depends on my mood and energy. I may have gone from winter tired to spring fever!

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