Monday, March 9, 2015

AAM Monday: What I'm Watching

For the longest time I was not a tv watcher. Then came a new husband who is not a tv watcher At All but I thought we could watch movies. Fail. He fell asleep 90% of the time.

As I am too cheap to go to the movies and not in a hurry to see the latest & 'greatest' films, I got myself Netflix. Then for my 60th birthday, he got me a big screen 40" tv. Seriously, people, that was the big one 10 years ago! Netflix + on Demand, and I've got it all. Oh yeah, an Apple tv box too.

Lately, especially since I had a lot of time sitting and icing my new knee, I've binge watched some times (Brothers and Sisters & a few other oldies) but rationed out many more series.

These have been my current faves, usually enough to have one hour of tv per night with the occasional 2 hrs.

Sunday night has been sacred for my friends at Downton. Year after year.

But now that we have a hiatus from Downton, I have become glued to these women.

I love any show set in DC's political world.

Then there's the intrigue and wonderful snark with this crowd of lawyers.

Another DC set that I hope will be renewed involves the CIA & the White House. Perfecto.

More on the fluff side and set in LA are the folks in this one.  Again, not the caliber of others but good interaction amongst the cast.

Then there's this one. The sub heading says it all. Finally, finally, growing up.

Can you understand why I really haven't taken the time to start watching the most recent season of these guys? Bad, so very bad. Breaking Bad bad and so deliciously bad. Evil with the southern drawl. "Democracy is so overrated." Frank and Claire. Just plain bad.

What are you watching these days?

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Photocat said...

Girls is one of my favs too

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