Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Italy On My Mind

We always want to go to Italy.  So far we haven't planned any trip this year but it's still doable. I hope.

Truthfully, there has never been a place in Italy we didn't like. I was not overjoyed in Turin last April but even while we were there, I knew a lot of that was my increasing discomfort with my knee.  I truly could not walk much without pain so that colored my feeling. I'd go back there again because we had driven through the city on an earlier trip to Orta San Guilio and it was sunny and warm and the city was enticing. Sadly for me, even the sun last April wasn't enough. I suspect more  ups of Ciccolata Calda would have helped.

click for recipe

Now if you think that cup of ciccolata seems like the thickness of pudding, you are right.  Hot chocolate you eat with a spoon.

But where to go next in Italy. I looked at air fares today and if you want to have a 9-12 hour layover somewhere in Europe, you can get a flight for under $800 round trip. Somehow I don't think himself would buy that. I suspect we would more likely drive from our midpoint city but then how much more would that add in cost? Non-stop flights hover around $1,200.  And still where in Italy....

Places I'm pondering...Trieste, Venice again, Rome again, Naples in the fall or even as far 'away' as Sicily.  I'm also wondering if we should test out another tour and see a few places and make a decision on 1 for next year.  I would certainly have to learn to wear ear plugs to deal with Mr. Snorer. Last time I tried those plugs, I had very sore ears. The snoring has been a serious issue if I don't have a 2nd bed to retreat to.  Renting an apartment has been our salvation.

But in any case on these cold winter days I enjoy thinking of Italy the way some gardeners dream and plan with seed catalogs. I know what gets me through winter chills and it is not thoughts of the work of gardening. Those days are long gone in my mind. Sitting in a cafe with an espresso and perhaps a pastry...now that's worth daydreaming about!

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