Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Goodbye to Italy, Once Again

It was fun wrapping up this trip in scrapping land which is not always the case. But making the pages reminded me of how many good things did happen and that not all the days were hard. I still could recall how difficult the walking was and how much I realized I needed surgery. We all have to learn things at our own pace.

This one was going to be two long journalers but that map took more space than I realized so a full page it became.

One just for pretty. His espresso and my ciocalatti.

Then came the true last day and our trip back to Malpensa airport in Milan.  All those cities on the Departures board were fascinating. There were some places I'd never even heard of and I thought I knew the world! Ha!

Once we got to NYC we had a hell of a time getting back to our own home but that was a lesson we learned. A cheap flight out of JFK is not always a good deal. Time = money or exhaustion. Bed never looked so good as early morning we got home.

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