Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday: February 28, 2015

Goodbye February! After many years of mild winters, I am so not used to cold and snow and especially COLD cold.  We used to think just below freezing was cold. Not anymore.  I'm done with it.  I'm not sure if Mama Nature hears me.

1. Totally addicted to spy and crime type shows especially those new ones with female leads. I watch 'on  demand' so I don't have to start a show at 10pm. The latest episode of  'State of Affairs' had me gasp. I knew it would happen but still... I really hope this series is picked up again. If not, I have my own ending.

2. There is this great ad/film on creativity for iPad. If you watched the Oscars, you probably saw it. I watched Downton Abbey so I only saw it this Monday.

Now don't you wish this had been your high school???

3. I saw this on a blog and thought it would be ideal for a friend of mine. Now I wish I had a cat again so I could make one of these. Well almost want ta cat again. Our late Siamese Sebastian was a darn hard act to follow.

click here

4. Long ago, when my chicks were in their 20s, I told them to get new passports. They had had ones via their father's job most of their lives and two of them were born outside the US. Only the adopted is a naturalized citizen; the other has citizenship as the child of two US citizens.  I told them several times during the 90s etc but now years after 9/11, one has an 'prove it' issue.  Oh well, Mama said...

5. Did you know the Easter Bunny is bringing something for the grownups this year? Oh yeah, save some chocolate for 10pm because this crowd is coming back. Perhaps some of you would prefer a snifter of brandy?

With the snow flurries of this a.m. hopefully over, I look forward to my dh's return from a week in Boulder CO. Snow here, snow there. I guess February deserves its winter reputation. Have a great weekend wherever you are!

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