Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday: February 20, 2015

Well a few things have come to my attention this week.  I have even remembered a few to share with you.

1. What is this Year of the Goat? Goat? I learned a smattering of Chinese Astrology, even before my life in South East Asia. Goat??? It's the Year of the Sheep! I know because I married a sheep the first time! and he just turned 72 which makes this one of his years. Cycles of 12 you know.  But  goats? do the Chinese even have goats?

2.  Last night we had kugelis or koshi, as it was called in my home and with a long O,  for dinner. That's a Friday night special from my childhood that I refused to eat. Years pass and it's a comfort food for me now. Decidedly good with sausages and with bacon in the koshi mixture. However, it then is not a Friday, meat fasting dish, but I'm not a Friday meat faster anymore either.  I'm also lazy and did not squeeze the food processor grated potatoes in a towel. I just shoved them hard into the sides of a large, fine strainer. It works for me!

3. Often when I go off dogsitting, my husband (this one not the sheep one) will have a fish curry dinner for some of his friends. This week he had two and the men each usually bring something so it's really become a bit of a guided pot luck.  One man brought ice cream and cookies from a fairly new kinda fancy grocery store. I rarely go there because I learned some bad practices from a friend who worked there.  Rebagging the bread with current dates???  Well in any case, one man said the meat there was really good and another agreed. My dh had been in there looking for his Pataks Curry Paste and bought a bag of oranges. They turned out to be not very good and one already rotten. Both men who praised the meat said the produce was lousy.  Strange to have such ups and downs in one store, isn't it.

4. My reading has had a bunch of books that were meh for me lately but while across the Potomac, I read two psychological thrillers. Veddy veddy good. I recommend them both.

4. Today's temperature when I went out to the gym was 5º. I live so close that the heat doesn't kick in before I get there and my fingertips, in gloves, were numb. We so rarely get this kind of cold that I am reluctant to get other gloves. However, this fall I may look for ones that are fully insulated, good for driving AND have finger touch ability for my phone. Any suggestions?

Well that's it for me this week. Have a good weekend, keep warm if it's cold, and keep dry if you are out in OZ experiencing a cyclone.  Everything passes.

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