Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday: February 13, 2015

Wow, this month is going fast!  I think my time in New York and then an 'almost-week' of dogsitting last week put me mentally behind. Plus I have another upcoming dog sitting 'gig'. Sadly, all these times with the dog are because of a death and a funeral. But that's life.

1. My ongoing clean out project seems to have stalled. I realized I was doing anything I could to avoid the sorting and purging so yesterday I finally got some things shuffled around so I could put the final bits into the red Christmas box that sits up on a shelf of other 'stuff'. That did make me feel good because those Advent wreaths were getting to me mentally. One small weight is off my shoulders.

2. I have only seen one of the Oscar movies, Grand Budapest Hotel which I found weird. I hope to see a couple others and hope they come out on Redbox soon because I think there are one or two that dh and I would enjoy. I am too cheap to see them in the theater and he always wants popcorn AND a drink which of course necessitates a bathroom break. At home there is the beauty of pause but not in the theater.  These are my top two. You can tell what kind of film I like!

3. Every other week or so, I try to send a postcard to my granddaughter. She is just at the age to enjoy getting mail Just For Her. It's a good way to use my postcard collection rather than just let it sit and age. Do any of you do something like this?

4. I finished up one book that I took with me for the dogsitting stay.  "Some Luck" by Jane Smiley. While I did finish it, all in all it was meh.  Ok, I don't have any interest in farming, the heartland etc but darn if even the parts of WWII and Washington DC, spies and the cold war were pretty flat. I cannot imagine two more volumes of this trilogy. ymmv.

5. One good bit of clutter and excess that is NOT growing is my digi stash. I give much of the credit to Lightroom which allows me to see just how much I have. I have also become tired of some styles and while there are other stores and designers who have caught my attention, I also realize I can make a lot of what I like.  Just like too many clothes in the closet, too many digi supplies leads to choice exhaustion. 

Today being Friday the 13th, I hope you have a super GOOD luck day and an even better weekend.  We're going out to lunch and then it's off dog sitting for me.

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