Monday, February 16, 2015

AMM Monday: Silly at Starbucks

Last Friday, dh had a coupon for a pre-Valentine's Day treat at Starbucks. Coffee and a pastry for $5. Not necessarily the greatest bargain but a nice idea. So off we went when the clock struck 2pm. (That must be a slow time at Starbucks...) I was enticed by the one special...a Flat White with a chocolate croissant (warmed!).  He decided to get the other special ...a Raspberry Chocolate Latte with a shortbread cookie.

Mine was just right but as I suspected his choice was way too sweet for him.  This is a man who drinks Sumatran, black no sugar. (ugh...) But we enjoyed our treats, perused the new mugs and tumblers, and the types of coffee pods that fit the old Keurig passed on to us by our grandson. Nothing we needed but I would like one of those stainless straws!

While we were there I saw two couples come in but no one else sat at our table or played with the props. Maybe you have to be young enough or old enough to have fun being silly. Put me in the latter category!

 Just think...this wasn't even Valentine's Day. It was Friday the 13th, and a good one it was.

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Photocat said...

That raspberry latte sounds very up my alley!

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