Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: We Drive to the Med

While in Turin, we also decided to take a trip to the Mediterranean. You know, warm weather, sun, but we were wise enough to know there wouldn't be warm water unless you think the Pacific is warm.

The morning started off with a lot of noise, early noise, which turned out to be the movers in the apartment above. Thing go out the window and are lowered by an amazing contraption. However, it's an extremely noisy contraption. Thus, once again, we had a late start.

It's a very rare occasion when I will even consider eating fast food but there is one thing about a lot of places in Europe that serve real food. These places adhere to specific hours and so a late start means that almost as soon as we arrive in a place, we have to think about lunch or miss it. We ate just under the wire on this day. Other than having the option of rather sorry looking sandwiches and pastries in bars, we were fortunate to have found lunch after our espresso/bathroom stop.

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