Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Travel With Me Tuesday: Up to Switzerland - Fail

Each trip to Northern Italy has involved an attempted trip to the Swiss border. It's never quite happened and this day was no exception. However, this was not due to our lollygoggling but rather our first experience with Blu Diesel which is not a fuel that diesel cars like. Who knew?

The day started off sunny and gorgeous, not too cold so perfect, it seemed, for a trip heading north truly into the Alps.

 With our car no longer moving after the Blu Diesel, we learned once again, that we Americans want everything done Right Now and that is not the Italian way. When it's lunch time, it's lunch time and that does not mean a 15 min gulp of fast food. It's just as well that there was no better restaurant nearby because one of us does not engage in small talk.  Killing time in silence is no fun.

We now know what it is like to ride in a BIG tow truck on the Autostrada. Somehow that is not an experience that is on many life Bucket Lists.  I believe we had pizza for dinner once again.

Not the best day, but certainly one I'll remember.

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