Friday, January 9, 2015

Five on Friday: January 9, 2015

1. Things I didn't interstates. On the east coast we say e.g. I-95 (aka known as the road from hell) but in California they have unique ways of speaking of Interstate-5, a similar ubiquitous north-south road. In Southern California, they say "the 5" but I just learned that in Northern California, they say "5".  I don't know where their 'Mason-Dixon' line is for the change of speech because I don't want to sound like I'm ignorant when I next go to California.  Big problem, eh???

2. That great project of getting rid of clutter in my studio reminds me that there are always steps to do before the actual work starts. Trashing the surface crap is easy. But then there are the other things that require boxes etc. I mean what to do with the several older versions of say PSE software. I need a give away box, a big one, so that I don't have to obsess on where each item should go. So a trip to Walmart is in order and the weather is cold and I'm not overjoyed to go out again....Big Sigh.

3. Why is it that when a do a massive amount of cooking to stock up, mainly for him, he goes out for meals half the week? Time to pack the freezer with stuff I guess.

4. Less than happy with the display of the newer Instagram filters? Here's a way to arrange them the way you like. Click HERE

5. My dh made one of his halibut curry dinners for his guy friends and one of them brought a big bowl of salad. I was able to enjoy the salad leftovers twice this week with some TraderJoes shrimp. A nice almost ready meal for me and a big thank you to the wife of the guest. She actually made the salad.

Now go and have a wonderful weekend! and if you're in a cold snowy area, don't fall down on the ice!

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