Monday, January 12, 2015

AAM Monday: January 12, 2015

While things have happened round here and we both have gone places, it's been a nice good slow start to the year. Staying in, some very cold times, some snow and today the promise of freezing rain. So far just rain.

For the most part, I'm not terribly anxious to go out, go somewhere, be as active as I could. I did get to the gym two times last week and plan to go later today.  But mostly it's been a good quiet time with books, fires in the Jotul and fireplace and watching old tv shows in a mini-binge mode.

Otherwise round here...

Going... out for meals with friends, him more than me but one meal for both of us last night to celebrate his daughter's 50th birthday.

Enjoying...a good meetup with women friends, a lunch that lasted over 3 hours. That's a good time!

Baking...bread! January is a good time to get the bread machine out and so far we've had English muffin bread, jalapeno cheddar bread (for him), and one dud of an old multigrain mix. That 'healthy' bread sits like a great lump but it's actually not that bad. Have a slice is enough to get a carb fix. fitbit daily. I am getting close to having my 3,000 steps goal get bumped up to 4k. If I do my in-house-reminder-5min-walks twice a day, I just need a bit more effort, like walking on the rubber track at the gym to make it. Right now the streets and sidewalks are still icy and full of snow piles. Too dangerous for walking. It's definitely that time of year and the forced bulbs were on sale - 3 for $10 -so I bought mini daffodils and hyacinths. The pretty Delft like bowls are ones I saved years ago for future forced bulbs. A good save! The white amaryllis I bought around Halloween has two massive leaves but still no sign of a flower. I remain hopeful.

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Photocat said...

You definitely don't want to take the risk of slipping on black ice now... It's good to be cautious... Take care and I like the flowers that you got!

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