Monday, January 5, 2015

AAM Monday: Getting Back in the Groove

Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks since knee surgery and I've missed the activity of exercise and movement. While PT was great, when it ended I knew I needed a different kind of movement in addition to the various knee exercises I still am doing.

Sunday, I signed up once again for my local city gym. It's a great deal, especially for seniors, with a rate of $233 a year for us geezers.  My local senior center which is closer and walkable (now!) is free but they only have one exercise bike, one elliptical and two treadmills.  Being able to snag time on one of those is pretty hard as a lot of people who use them stay on for an hour. The senior center hours are also limited - 8-4 Monday through Friday. While I am not ready to take advantage of the gym's 6am opening, and probably never really will if I'm honest, it's nice to know that both the hours and the days are much more extensive and that I can always use the rubberized indoor track if, by some fluke, one of the many many bikes or elipticals is not available for a while. I used to have a favorite stair stepper but I saw that a lot of the equipment is newer so I'll have to ask for guidance to find the one that best suits my knee.

I found out that the Sunday hours do not start til 11am but the three large basketball etc courts are fully occupied all morning. Yesterday they were filled with tween-age girls lacrosse games. Yes, this is Maryland! I would have liked to have had a couple of shots of the games and the girls and parents after the games but I respected their privacy.

Sadly, as I'm still not able to get up or down onto the floor for exercises, I can't take advantage of the free Pilates and yoga classes. So, I will do what I can during this next stage of recovery. Back in the groove once again.

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