Thursday, December 11, 2014

TBT: Thanksgiving 1962

This is a photo of my dh back 53 years ago. He was 23 then and apparently home from college in Detroit. I look at the room and it makes me think of the photos from my xh's home back in the 1950s. The styles were quite similar with the glass doors to a (screened?) porch, the doors covered in sheer curtains. The set of encyclopedias in the bookcase that came with them. African violets on the radiator cover? The Saturday Evening Post magazine on a table, and a soft drink in a bottle. A recliner chair for Dad and a lamp that shone light up and down. 

Interestingly, both families had dogs named Mitzi. I don't think Mitzi is a very common dog's name these days at all and I wonder why it was considered a good name for a dog then. Perhaps veterans from WWII started using this name and it stuck? But neither of my late fathers in law were in the military's still a mystery.

In any case, 1962 as it was back then in Washington DC.

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Susan Steeble said...

The dogs were probably named after Mitzi Gaynor, a popular actress in the 1950s (Anything Goes, South Pacific, etc).

p.s. Glad to hear you're recovering well from your operation. Maybe being forced to slow down a little is a GOOD thing! Enjoy the holidays!

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