Friday, December 5, 2014

Five on Friday: December 5, 2014

Life continues, still a bit slowly, round here. Each day sees more knee recovery but only if I notice things.  My mood has improved greatly after a serious melt down of very depressed feelings on Monday. Just talking it out with my dh seemed to resolve it.  Blessings abound!

1. Grilled cheese....this is something I could still eat most every day, but don't. Such a strange craving except it sure is comfort food, isn't it.

2. My appetite has not come back in full force which I don't mind as I hope to lose a bit more weight while this is the case. However, the Trader Joe's Christmas goodies flyer had me tempted a bit. Not much but a bit. I think a lot of the feeling was good memories of some tasty but oh-so-not-necessary treats in the past. And Porchetta? Oh this one really calls to me as I know I don't have the energy to do one myself any time soon and porchtta is sooooo good.

3.One of the things they don't tell you pre-surgery is about the serious mood swings and unexplained periods of unexpected tears and feelings that nothing is of interest or worthwhile. I call this depression or sadness but it took me totally by surprise. However it's normal and fades.

4. Today I had two excursions out - my thrice weekly PT session and then, while I could just as happily stayed home for the rest of the day, a trip to Best Buy to get a new printer. Oh Epson you have sorely let me down with my still new 'old' one. Neither I nor dh could get it to work right and not suck down ink at the same time. Boo hiss.  I will offer it to others freely but with a big caveat.  I now have a Canon MG 7520. It's a pretty white (very Mac like) and it printed a lovely recipe as my first test.  Time will tell though as I print some real photos.

5. December Daily? or any of the variations going round? I am sorry not to be doing it this year but I haven't finished up my 30 Days of Thankful and really don't have the get up and go to find things so far this December to document. Me sleeping in various parts of the house? I think not. However, that hasn't stopped me from buying the occasional new digital Christmas supply. You never know when you might need a glossy Santa!

Have a great weekend everyone and I hope to get more back into the blogging swing next week.

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