Friday, December 26, 2014

Five on Friday: December 26, 2014

Happy Boxing Day to all! don't know what that holiday is? check it out. As for me and mine, we are just having a quiet day chez nous.

1. Yesterday we had a giant bowl of fish chowder and invited people to come when the felt like it for a cup and a cheese scone. I knew those giant mugs from Starbucks would come in handy some day.

2. As we did very little decorating for Christmas, there is little to do for the dismantling. However, the one missing plastic bin of Christmas things has yet to appear. "I" suspect it is in plain sight up in the attic which is also "his" office. While I avoid going up there, I plan to do a thorough search mid January. But I still wonder...

3. At some point this holiday,  I'm wondering if we can still get ourselves up to Baltimore's 34th Street. It's been a few years since we ooohed and ahhed over this kitchy bit of Hampden fun. A narrow street of row houses with lights going across the street in addition to all the houses blinged out!

2003 - me and my daughter and his daughter

4. I'm have had a good time reading again, and am finishing up The Orphan Train. Definitely a part of American History I didn't know. I recommend it.

5. The Knee Saga continues. On Christmas eve, I had my 'final' checkup with my knee surgeon.  Everything is A-ok, my progress is excellent and I feel very good. No more PT, but continue with exercises at home. Yea!!!

Now you go and have a great weekend...maybe sale shopping or maybe just chill out before a back to work for many.  Holiday Blessings to all.

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