Monday, December 29, 2014

AAM Monday: Holiday Excursion

We really haven't done much or gone anywhere this holiday season and that has been fine with me. I didn't do my traditional December Daily pages but I suspect I will next year. Or maybe next year will find us in London or somewhere in Italy...who knows!

But a few years back we went to DC to see the poinsettias at the Botanical Gardens. It was a sunny brisk day and we had a great time. We made a whole day of it and also had lunch in DC. This trip was a bit simpler on an overcast day after Christmas. The conservatory IS just gorgeous. It must have been something back in its day but today it's in a not so great part of town and looks a bit forlorn

Now DC had poinsettias up the gazoo but Baltimore does its best without the benefit of federal tax dollars that DC has. There was a $5 contribution per person which I semi-reluctantly gave but gave in to the spirit of generosity.

The orchid room was bathed in a hazy blue light but did show the difference that light makes for the same plants. The tree of poinsettias looked a lot bluer than those back in the hallway. Both however, were Orion plants. Yes, an overexposed shot but you get the point.

Afterwards, we wandered around Hampden, had an espresso (which I regretted at Midnight...), checked out some vintage shops and had great ice creams at The Creamery. By then it really was drizzling and we decided to drive down to and across 34th Street. Most of the holiday crowds were either not coming or it was just too early. Fine with me, as I jumped out of the car, took a few snaps and then it was home in time to settle in for a bit before the PBS Call the Midwife special and the Downton Abbey review. Please God, do no force me to watch Bernadette Peters for that long ever again.  Is she paralyzed or is it a full body Botox? And really PBS....did we need that may previews?

Well say goodbye to the 34th street lights for this year. Make sure to do a Baltimore run in 2015!

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Photocat said...

Sounds like a peaceful Christmas... Same here. Sometimes less is more!

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