Monday, December 8, 2014

AAM Monday December 8, 2014

Today is a busy day with PT and then his going out to lunch with old workmates, the cleaning ladies bi-weekly session, and then the visit of a friend for an exchange of my frozen Hatch chiles for one of her sour cherry cobblers.  I hope in between some of these things to get a nap and/or some good icing of my knee.

Yesterday was a relatively early morning out with friends and the cold air really felt good. I can't say I'd be able to stay out in it for a long time but it gets my brain cleared quickly and I need it, especially in the morning.

Saturday was a 1st post surgery - I started and let dh finish up and mix a meatloaf for dinner. I usually use a jarred sofrito or just a medium salsa for the 'liquid' but when he bought the salsa, he bought one with habaneros, which didn't surprise me. However it did make the meatloaf spicier than even I usually make it for him.  Mrs. Renfro's may be a go-to for us now.

the basic recipe I use for meatloaf

In any case, I didn't have or want any meatloaf but had been craving some shrimp. As Saturday was a serious rain day, I figured the Thai carryout in the next block would suffice and I had a shrimp with various veggies. Not my usual red curry with coconut milk but still very good. I have been rather neglectful of the whole photo taking process lately and hope to get back into my groove. Maybe that will be a week 5 goal.

Anyhow that's some of what's happening round here. Nothing major and that's just fine with me!

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