Friday, November 7, 2014

Five on Friday: November 7, 2014

So much of my life recently has been concerned with the upcoming surgery. It's amazing what a time suck that has been but I do go to be tired and sleep well. Good thing since the hospital is no place for sleeping!

1. 30 Days of Grateful - I'm doing this project and enjoying it a lot. Here's yesterday's page.

2. They said at the hospital, when dh (my coach for the 3 days in hospital) had a "Joint Camp "Class, that people often don't feel like eating much the days after surgery. Apparently one woman lost 30 lb! I suspect that included the total of 8 weeks recovery time, but in any case I'd love for that to happen!

3. Yesterday, we had a day of rain, sunny, fog roll in, and a good rain storm. I was continuously adjusting my layers of clothing. But that's what layers are for, I guess. Not just fashion. This was just before the rain storm.

4. This weekend will be packing time for me. One batch for the hospital stay which won't include much more than the basics, and then a suitcase for rehab. Rehab is the time that I  have hopes of using the laptop. Hospital time? more likely free time will be nap time, in'shallah.

5. DH has been given Laundry 101 lessons. He's going to be ok with the washer and dryer, though one time he was about to start the load without adding detergent. Actually, I think with most of our stuff, just the water would do but.... What is going to be difficult for him is putting my clothes away. He said I have so many rules! I think it's that women have more categories of clothing. 

That's all for now folks! Most likely I will be off doing medical things for the next two weeks. We'll see! But in any case, I hope you will have a marvelous weekend and time to be grateful for the many wonderful good things in your life. Try a gratitude list! It really works.

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