Friday, November 28, 2014

Five on Friday: November 28, 2014

Where did November go? well, for me it was spent in the hospital and rehab so that I could come home today with a brand new, mostly functional knee! For the most part, it's been an easy journey with, while I hesitate to say it, almost no pain or narcotics. I know that isn't everyone's experience but it has been mine and I am truly GRATEFUL. Now on to ....more and more Physical Therapy and practice getting comfortable with a new body part! Oh yeah, and lots of rest. Many friends have said that doing 1 thing a day is about the most they could do for a while. So far, I've found that to be pretty much on the mark.

1. In one day I learned that Vicodin and I are not friends.  I felt as if my brain was outside of my head, which I guess pretty much sums up being 'out of one's mind'. Extra strength Tylenol and I have a good relationship.

2. After the daily sessions of physical and occupational therapy, I have been pretty content to ice my knee with the the trusty AirCast machine. I love the ease of this little beauty.

3. Other than a quick glance at the BBC and WashingtonPost headlines on my phone, I have been content to mostly ignore the news. I believe the world had gone on its not so merry way without my attention. My body is the better for that.

4. There has been a lot of time to think and reflect on  my life these past two weeks. I feel that in some way it's been like being on a semi silent retreat. I have a private room and other than the nurses and PTs I really don't have to talk to anyone if I don't want to. I have been willing to listen to others and hear their stories. As I recently read, sometimes all that is necessary is to say "Me too."

5. What, if anything, do I miss? this view from my window from dawn to dusk. Watching the leaves fall, the wind shaking the limbs, the snow quickly turning to rain and back and forth as Mother Nature played her games with us. The view calmed my soul and reminds me I need to be outside some time each day.

November has been good to me, and I hope it has been the same for you. May we all have a December filled with love and peace.

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